space and time drawings III

art, teaching



movement studies; graphite pencil on paper

Tuesday January 15th; visiting the eurythmy students, today working with tonal eurythmy. The piano player performs a phrase; teacher translates into a movement scheme; the piano repeats the phrase over and over, students absorb into their bodies what they are taught and what they hear, bringing it out in movement. We, the art students and teachers, follow the process in our drawing. Back in the Blue Atelier after the morning break, we have a model sitting perfectly still upon a chair in front of us. And so, we’re thrown back into art school tradition…

In traditional art school drawing, one deals primarily with the issue of representing space on a surface, looking for proportions and using (different kinds of) perspective. Little attention is paid to the dimension of time; though, in the world of senses, time is the actual mode of existence. In drawing – is it possible to shift focus between space and time? In trying – how does my mind change?


model study; charcoal on paper

space and time drawings II

art, teaching

Monday January 14th; staying in the Blue Atelier, our classroom, working with a model doing short stands (30 seconds to three minutes each).

To draw a line is to make a cut. Drawing is nothing about showing the eye’s reality, it is about visualizing thought. So, drawing the line, I impose a wound upon the world of senses. And so my effort in drawing must be to heal this very wound, by turning my mind to seeking not the singularities but the whole.


short stand (30 secs); graphite pencil on paper