metamorphosises and oasises

art, recent work

colour exercise; wax crayons on paper, app. 15 x 21 cms

Sigrid Winkler works with the students, studying metamorphosises in nature, while I attend another NUrope oasis. This time it is held in Åbo/Turku (Finland) and Stockholm, during five days. I do small colour exercises – another kind of metamorphosis – while listening to lectures and talks… and my focus is on the Nurope process itself, rather than the (interesting) subjects treated. Just like art, this is a self-defining learning process. Unlike the individual artist’s work, it involves quite a number of people. I listen and learn.

(see also page Nomadic)

fabric and felt X

art, recent work, teaching

calling Apollo; construction with armoury irons, dyed silk fabric, rope and thread, 5 x 5 x 2,5 metres

Finally, it’s there: a zikkurat (since one of us, Ayad, is of Iraqi origin) built in fairly cheap and easy-to-handle materials (since we couldn’t hire a thousand construction workers from Kuweit) to honour the honey-coloured light. It has been hard work, and pure joy.

fabric and felt IX

art, teaching

greenhouse party

In the beginning of this week, we could welcome our friends back from Greece. We shared fruits and nuts from the Mediterranean as well as spiced yoghurt and honey from Järna and nearby, and had a good time. Since life constantly waltzes us around, not much of our work during the last weeks was actually on display this day. Some of it was exhibited elsewhere, some of it was left home and some was still in the process… and as a process, it was shared too.

Malin between felt and stone