beeswax IV

recent work

From blue to rose to yellow; in the tiny hallway, the cool ultramarine and caput mortuum tints were changed out for raw terra di Siena, to add more warmth to the pompeiian red (already in itself a gentle, warm earthen tone).

In the kitchen, a light first colourwash with red was through the following layers turned to a pale clear yellow; one final layer of ultramarine violet, almost invisible, closed the circle.

beeswax III

recent work

colour samples, translucent beeswax paint

Follow the daylight; that is, where the morning sun comes in, colour should bring out its bright, warm character. Noonday light is sharper and may need softening and modulation according to the room’s size and its use. The light of the setting sun, again, has yet another quality; here it reaches into the livingroom and the bedroom with their greyish rose/blue shades.

lazure painting with beeswax

recent work

pompeiian red, ultramarine and caput mortuum, second layer

Performing colour design and wall painting in a private home; Mats, my employer, keeps Nina Simone, Procul Harum, Joni Mitchell and The Band turning on the record player while I blend beeswax binder with pigments; Miles the cat is listening and watching.

This is colour exercise on a larger scale. At a certain point – by the third layer or so – colour becomes present in the room as a body of light, changing with time.

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