Return to Darkness XII

art, recent work

Sunday September 19th, by midnight, we finished the Terrastella iron frames in Sören’s boatyard. Another hour or so for bringing everything down and packing it on the trailer, then I had almost two hours’ sleep before leaving to the ferry… on Monday evening, I reached Turku and the Cots of Darkness workshop at Barker, the old factory site by Aura river. Reino Koivula and Simo Helenius have been working there since I last left in July – now Terrastella joins with the Honeycot and the Bow.

all photos by Reino Koivula, except the two showing Reiska himself at work;
I shot those.

For full documentation of the project, see the Cots of Darkness on Facebook:

  • light stones, singing voices – back to Zadar II

    art, recent work

    the Adriatic Table;
    all photos by Reino Koivula,
    except ‘carrying nomadic table 1’ by Raine Johnsson

    The Nomadic University makes use of three characteristic kinds of artefacts; notebooks for reflection, the nomadic chairs for flexibility and a table for communication.

    For the first oases of NUrope, Michelangelo Pistoletto created the Baltic and Mediterranean Tables – made from mirrorglass and shaped like maps of the seas. Since then, those two tables have taken turns to serve nomadic dialogue in several European cities.
    However, during this oasis the Mediterranean Table stayed in Cittadellarte, Biella. In its place, and as an hommage to it, an Adriatic Table was created by the Zadar Nomads. The Zadar Museum of Ancient Glass hosted the workshop, and afterwards the table was carried to the former church of St Donat where we gathered around it for the last day’s programme.

    Oasis completed, the University of Zadar received the table as a gift from NUrope.

    light stones, singing voices – back to Zadar I

    recent work, time-out

    August 23 – 27, 2010:
    NUrope XI, That Other Sea – Memories, Identities, Archipelago;
    all photos by Reino Koivula.

    Another oasis of the Nomadic University accomplished.
    Zadar, a city floating with light; as everywhere, one can sense tensions between a specific heritage, linking to the past, and changing traditions; and between Nomads and locals, the here-and-now qualities of collaborative encounters.
    And the sea.