Return to Darkness XV

art, recent work

Darkness workshop at Barker, October 4th – 13th; all photos by Reino Koivula

The chairs and benches of Simo Helenius may look simple, but sitting upon them makes you a queen, or king – sitting position is upright, yet relaxed; leaning your back to them, you feel the chest opening up and breath deepening. I had to ask Simo how to make them… upon which he produced three more for Terrastella, inbetween working with his own Bow.
One day, art student Josefiina Kiikka shows up. She did her summer project felting with me in July, and since then she has continued on her own. Now she brings two felted lampshades – a dark mouse and a white bird shape. Together with a tale, they too will come to stay in the cot.
In GRP moulding we proceed by steps, learning by trial and error… but time is running out.
How to handle the balance between quality, time and economy here? In addition to earlier support, Terpol company now offers professional help in glassfibre works, which I very gratefully receive.
On Thursday October 14th, Simo’s Bow cot is installed by Aura river.

The Bow installed by Aurajoki, and welding tracks on workshop floor; all photos by Reino Koivula

Return to Darkness XIV

art, recent work

polyester works: Terrastella wall sheets and mould constructions for roof parts;
all photos by Reino Koivula

So, yesterday we turned the thermostat up to 18°C and finally started the GRP (glassfibre reinforced polyester) moulding. Carefully following the instructions of our tutor Matti Suominen, I laid out the sheets on flat plywood surfaces – three times waxed – then left them to cure for 24 hours. Today, the GRP sheets could be removed to fit into the iron frames.
The result is far above expectations; the material diffuses light much like Japan paper, and has a slight but distinct tint of its own. I find it beautiful – it will turn our cots into large lanterns.

Reiska’s clear polyester moulding; photo by Reino Koivula

Return to Darkness XIII

art, recent work

The ten last days of September passed with the wink of an eye; again I’ve been bending armoury irons and attaching them to the frames with the help of Reiska and his welding set, making two large trestles for the raising of the cot, working out all those little necessary details… too involved with the material world to be present on Internet, and no problems in falling asleep at night.
Yesterday, a construction engineer visited us to check the stability and durability of our structures. QC passed for all three cots.
As most of the welding works are done by now, it is possible to start the moulding of glassfibre walls. Today is Polyester Day.

making glassfibre samples; photos by Reino Koivula