among others VI

art, recent work

watercolour painting by “T”; photo by HHW.

Here, finally, are some of those paintings which tell no other story than the one of their own creation; light perceived and rendered into material existence by a human mind process… in this case a unusually complex one, as some of the originators are neurologically cut off from their own motor functions and can perform their painting only in intimate cooperation with a supporting assistant.
The method, known as facilitated communication or FC, is used primarily for written communication by people who cannot speak. By the help of FC, many who were formerly treated as hopelessly ignorant have now been able to express their thoughts and feelings.
Here the process is taken one step further; not only expressing experience, but creating it.

two watercolour paintings by Andreas Osika; photos by HHW.

among others V

art, recent work

(above) the ‘narrative’ room, interior with various works;
(middle) three figures – Jesus, the Raven and a devil – by Tommy Eriksson;
(below) Death by Johanna Tapio;
all photos HHW.

The ‘narrative’ room hosts all kinds of stories – written as well as materialized in paint, charcoal, fabric and papier-mâché; peacefully poetic landscapes, dramatic representations of symbolic figures and vivid renderings of memories and dreams.

the Mill by Peter Starholt; photo HHW.