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Åbo Akademi University Business School, light and spaces; all photos by HHW.

The Business School building: a functionalistic work by Åbo Akademi architect Woldemar Baeckman. Built in 1963, it emphatically expresses a positivistic vision, carried by the craftsman’s knowledge of materials as well as the relative scarcity of the time. An appropriate setting for anyone who would wish to make a comment, philosophically or by means of art, to the contemporary state of things; the mind-set of Enlightenment taken to, and beyond, its utmost consequences.
Here the LICHTWECHSEL exhibition will take place, opening on March 17, 2011.

Åbo Akademi University Business School, entrance from above; photo by HHW.

LICHTWECHSEL/Change of Light/Ljusväxling

art, beauty, recent work

Åbo Akademi University Business School, one January morning;
photo HHW.

And here’s the next project: in March, the Nomadic University will stage an art event at Åbo Akademi University Business School.
Austrian artists Luise Kloos, Erika Lojen, Aurelia Meinhart and Ingeborg Pock will bring their art journey – from Graz via Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki to Åbo/Turku – into the modernistic white building known as Hanken in Åbo/Turku.

au revoir, Darkness

art, recent work

110120, Åbo/Turku City library yard by night; all photos HHW.

Not only terrastella, but the Honeycot by Reino Koivula and Simo Helenius’ Bow are taken down, too.
The people of Åbo/Turku have made good use of the Cots of Darkness, and treated them well; during the last three months, we have had thousands – literally – of visitors, and almost no damage.

Thank You, and au revoir!

Return to Darkness XX

art, recent work


January 20th: taking down the terrastella; all photos HHW.

Last Saturday, Åbo/Turku’s Cultural Capital year was officially opened. In stark cold – minus 22°C – under a starry sky, more than 50 000 people gathered to walk all along ice-covered Aura river by the sound of churchbells ringing from the cathedral and boatwhistles answering. A crowd of people, brought together not by any ‘pro’ or ‘contra’ identification, just relaxed and friendly; the fireworks were just the MacGuffin needed to bring about this.

The terrastella, having done its service since November 1st, is now going to rest until next autumn. Thursday morning by dawn, Sören arrived with car and trailer from Sweden. By nightfall, we had it all taken down and stowed away.