NUrope XIII, Kiev and Lviv: Interrupted Histories Continue

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One of the local hosts of the Nomadic University: Les Kurbas Theatre Centre

Thanks to the dedication of Curator Yulia Usova (Perfect Art Institution, Stockholm/London/Kiev), the Nomadic University will soon see its 13th oasis happen in Ukraine – and for anyone interested in the field of art, culture and economy in contemporary Eastern Europe, this is a unique opportunity. We are invited to understand the current situation through professional people seeking to work along independent thoughtlines; artists, authors, journalists, theatre workers and film-makers will be sharing their experiences and views.
Programme here:

Kiev-Lviv programme, October 3 – 6 2011

Interested to join? Yes, it’s still possible. For application, go to:

@ ArtLab Gnesta III

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at ArtLab entrance; all photos HHW.

If the installation at Åmells deals with art as craftsmanship and merchandise, this one touches on art reflecting images of wo/man; comprising – among other things – a nude model study, a contour drawing on the wall, two paintings from the Casilda series and two (auto)portraits; one by myself, one by a friend with autism. There is also a plummet, and mirrors mounted to meet the eye from various angles.

For Swedish readers, the “Theories, Methods and Practises” text is available – as a part of the installation, and here:

“Ja, vad är målandets objekt..?”

ArtLab staircase with inscription (HHW); photo by Lars Berg

ArtLab staircase and 2nd floor lounge + model study; all photos HHW.

@ Åmells Möbler

art, recent work


all photos by HHW.

These are some of my recent (and not-so-recent) paintings on display at  Åmells Möbler, Gnesta. The scenography is basically the showroom of Åmells’ factory workshop – where 18th century furniture (rococo and Gustavian style) are manufactured largely by hand, and with great care and skills. Consequently, my installation emphasizes art as craftmanship and as merchandise; paintings are mounted to match furniture and displayed with prize labels.
I also add some books: a recent publication from r a k e t a – soy parte del mundo – William Morris’ political writings and John Ruskin’s Sesame and Lilies, poets Erik Beckman and Cesare Pavese,  Catching the Light by Arthur Zajonc, and, in honour of Karl Schultz-Köln, an anthology of  his texts on art as research.

Next to this, photographer Bengt Björkbom shows a collection of his photo portraits; pregnant black-and-white, Dogma style “classic photography” in the tradition of Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Walker Evans, Sune Jonsson… and, of course, Bengt’s own teachers: Walter Hirsch, Inge Roos and Christer Strömholm.

Camera snapshots and diary paintings…  moments of human experience, processed by mind, hand and technique.