Green Lab at Art Lab Gnesta II

art, recent work

Today’s piece of work in the Green Lab was primer painting. After one layer of natural resin primer, another layer of white casein paint is added. Next step will be the trying out of a ‘Green Label’ assortment of eco-friendly pigments.
The results from the Green Lab project will be collected, systemized and published at a separate Art Lab Gnesta website.

Green Lab at Art Lab Gnesta I

art, recent work

The Green Lab project at Art Lab Gnesta originated from the urge to scrutinize our own artistic practises during the Green Year 2012. Grounded in experience, this minor initiative turned out to match a general want, and rapidly grew into a larger project aiming at collecting experience about eco-friendly materials in painting and sculpture – partly also developing new techniques and composites – as well as highlighting the issue among art professionals and establishing channels for open exchange of knowledge.
Here’s the tiny first beginning of Green Lab/paint – trying out pigments, primers, binders and solvents.

To be continued…