Artistic Research Processes at Konstnärshuset (Stockholm) I

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The booming interest for artistic research is, I think, a shift of focus from result to process. When ‘art’ – in some contexts – has become synonymous with ‘investment’… and in others, primarily an act of provocation… the processual aspect along with reflexivity, and the intention to make a positive contribution, is well communicated within the framework of artistic research.
Would you agree?

Exhibition open today and tomorrow, 12 – 18, at Konstnärshuset (House of Artists), Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm.

For Swedish speakers, here’s a series of interviews on some of the projects and the idea of establishing an independent platform for artistic research; six short films made by Art Lab Gnesta and nigo produktion:
“Hör mer om ALG/R på Supermarket”

From Supermarket to the House of Artists (Konstnärshuset), Stockholm

art, recent work

Konstnärshuset seminarium b
Seminar with presentation by Ivar Sviestins.
Foreground: sculptures from the series “French Children of the Holocaust” by Gert Germeraad

Konstnärshuset Arne Widman b
The Symmetry of Being, Arne Widman and Magnus Carlén 2012

Konstnärshuset, Stockholm – a somewhat tattered gem of a building from 1899, housing two artists’ associations – is next stop. Here, the Konstfack course projects are represented in the traditional exhibition format, focusing less on process and more on artistic achievements. A seminar with artist talks and a lecture by artist and PhD Emma Göransson complements the exhibition.

Konstnärshuset Lena Oja b

The Management of a Cervical Spine, Lena Oja 2012 – 2013