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140421b grunda pannå

From the studio: a set of wood panels being prepared.
And from the writing desk (for Swedish readers): a reflection, finished in June, about painting with the help of facilitated communication, in relation to texts by Mechtild of Magdeburg, Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Om språk, tanke och det kroppsliga livets möjliga riktning mot frihet.

To be narrated

art, recent work

observatorium“Observatory” by PS (photo HHW.)

The recent two weeks, I’ve spent together with old and new friends doing another Arts-and-crafts Creative Summer Camp; or maybe rather, another Common Creative Chaos/Cosmos Narrative Camp. The form has developed over the years; maybe it’s about time to name the technique, so let’s call it ‘integrative narration’ for a try…

Being the leader, I put forth the beginning of a story. The participants then respond by their own stories, artefacts and finds, their images and suggestions. The evolvement of things from day to day – also real-time concerns, conflicts and break-throughs – find their way into the story, mirroring ourselves as we are; with our strengths and challenges, our sense of beauty and humour, our sorrows and fears, fooleries, pride, wonder, wisdom and empathy. Finally, it ends up with a feast (of course).

kosmos“Cosmos” by TI (photo HHW.)


art, recent work

Behemot tittar in (2)Time for a change; photo HHW.


For almost three years, I have given much of my attention to Art Lab Gnesta and the Karl Schultz-Köln and Marita Mörck-Schultz Foundation. It has been a lot of work, many encounters, much fun and not so few accomplishments. Here are some of the highlights, from the Art Lab Gnesta website…

Art Lab Gnesta/Research@Supermarket Art Fair 2013, six short films: Helena Hildur W, Auli Laitinen, Agnieszka Knap, Arne Widman, Madeleine Aleman, Ivar Sviestins; © Nigo produktion.

Art Lab Gnesta/Research@Supermarket Art Fair 2013, interview by the Swedish Exhibition Agency

“The Giant Corpse Flower Blooms”, performance by Ingela Ihrman at the Venice Biennale, Midsummer’s Day 2013

Green Lab

Karl Schultz-Köln (1921 – 2013) Memorial Exhibition, March 2014


…and, from the Swedish Exhibition Agency:

Concluding discussion at the Green Art Lab Alliance seminar in Visby, May 2014


However, now it’s time for a change. Parallel with my engagement in Art Lab Gnesta, I have been doing courses, reading and writing. The next semester will find me part-time at the Center for Studies in Practical Knowledge at Södertörn University, and full-time at the Royal Institute of Art – which opens the possibility for me to fully delve/dive into the intuitive and logical learning process. My dear colleagues in the former network of Art Lab Gnesta/Research (which is now likewise independent from Art Lab Gnesta) are still around, a valuable peer-review resource.

To Art Lab Gnesta, and all its crew, I wish the best of luck!