Ljubljana, October 2007

Dear friends and fellow nomads,

I joined the NUrope project in May.

Since then, the Kassel and Ljubljana oasises have provided me with two points in time and space – thus allowing me to draw a virtual line, trying to make out a direction for my further voyage.

I guess that’s just what each one of us is doing – for one’s own sake, on different levels of consciousness, and in different spaces.

However necessary, this cartography in private is obviously not enough, as can be told from the amount of messages posted in Nomadmail and elsewhere during the last weeks.

What need is expressing itself through this?

This is my first question.

Looking for an answer, I return to the very beginning:


If you take a closer look at this AIM/philosophy image you will see that it reflects nothing less than the archetypical plan of a city, even the Paradise; the cross inscribed in a circle or the circle divided by a cross.

(…and if I would choose a spot upon this map to put up my own tent, where would it be? somewhere within the Criticism/Renaissance quarter, I guess – though maybe I’d replace Renaissance with Hellenism, just to try out what it feels like… And what paths would crisscross the area? which unexpected sites and sights would occur along them? by what would the fixing of boundaries be confirmed?… )

As can be understood from the simplicity of the image, it is purely idealistic; a visualization created to stage a vision, to set things on the move.

Since then, a full year and more has passed, the company has joined in four oasises, the list of chairholders counts at least 158. There is a body of knowledge at hand, a vast field of experiences in the shared world of time and space.

To me, the present situation suggests that the mapping needs to be undertaken on a general level – collecting the individual fixpoints, tracing the relations, detecting the blank patches on a common screen;

the Nurope project needs to understand itself, not as a mere quantity of nomadic stories but as a qualitative process.

If this is true, by what means should the cartography be crafted? And where is the cartographer?

These questions I pass on to all of you, together with my best wishes –

yours friendly, Helena Hildur W.

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