2012 meet the artist @ Åmells Möbler I

art, beauty, DADA, recent work

This is Gnesta Konstrunda 2012, a local ‘Meet the artist’-event. Just like a year ago, I’m invited to exhibit some works at Åmells Möbler – a company showroom for skilfully handcrafted furniture. I mount the recent #I triptych and place it between two cabinets… Right.

#I (work in progress) displayed at Åmells Möbler;
oil on canvas, app. 200 x 200 cms

And next, 14 prints representing the Zurbaran Santa Casilda are hung at the approximate eye-level of a young girl.


Santa Casilda reproduction;
risograph print on recycled paper, 42 x 29 cms each

The legend of princess Casilda, discovered when carrying bread to the imprisoned martyrs held by her father, echoes in black and white images against the backdrop of stylish furnishing. Or, from another viewpoint, the prints provide a modest background for the items on display.
Ok, this is it. Now for two days of meeting the public…