the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 16

art, curating, recent work, time-out

This day turns out to be a talkative one. The first guests enter as soon as I open the door. Thoughtful observation generates reflections on normality, perfection, body grounded voice… and the unforeseeable response, that sometimes expands the horizon. Other visitors arrive and leave again,

keeping their experience private. Finally, somebody with keen eyes and careful hands makes a small adjustment with great impact. Thank you, Alexander and Marcus, Emma and everyone who ventured inside!

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 15

art, curating, recent work, time-out

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Day 15: the gravitational field of yesterday shifts, as Thea gives me a hand… A sky underfoot, a spaceship flying low… Close encounters. Later, a dancer’s understanding takes place in front of the green canvas; a slow attentive movement, hands waving, weaving softly. Even later: shared musings on words and listening with Erik. A day of quiet wonders.

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 14

art, curating, recent work, time-out

The day begins with a sushi lunch, followed by a major remake. First, the Vitruvian figure takes over the void on the back wall – creating a coherent, almost hermetic sequence; completely altering the ambiance. Suddenly, all things are on the move: chairs, tape drawings, post-it notes… and circles are floating over the longer wall. Thank you, Lisa and Jonas, for an encouraging intervention! The coming visitors will encounter a very different mood…

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 13

art, curating, recent work

Day 13: just like the other weekend, something has come to a close. The theme is still there, like a lingering note, but only the occasional gallery-goer pops in. Not that it doesn’t count; on the contrary, it’s most rewarding to meet somebody from outside one’s own circles.

A special thanks to Sigrid and her father – for good company, a beautiful flower arrangement, and for the drawings you shared!

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 12

art, curating, recent work

Day 12: changing the set-up of the green chairs, to suggest interchange in groups of two or three, where the partners in dialogue are focused towards different parts of the exhibition. Today’s theme – gravity and abstraction – follows from the conceptual braid of yesterday… but today’s visitors follow a more whimsical path, trusting intuition to add a little disorder.

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 11

art, curating, recent work, time-out

A long-awaited rain has soaked the ground. The soil is fertilized, the sky is clearing.  The inside / outside theme transforms through the day, in dialogue continuously carried on from one visitor to another; forming a braid, where the strands are concepts such as abstraction, resonance, gravity… A dialogue where words don’t dictate, but detect; where there is no right or wrong, only truth.

What fits between representation and abstraction? I don’t know yet… is it the gift of flying?

Thank you – Kennet, Johanna, Cecilia, Hannes and others!

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 10

art, curating, recent work, time-out

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Until now, the green chairs have been choreographed freely, from the interactions of each new day. But in fact, they are a partial remake of Karin Lindström Kolterud’s project “the Situation”, which deals with the many-layered concept of loneliness… This morning, before opening, I place the chairs according to one of suggested set-ups from the project. I then assign a theme for this day: “from inside / from outside”, preparing the re-arrangement of works accordingly. Then, I open the doors for today’s visitors…

By the end of the day, I have (among many other things) received a precious gift: a void. Thank you, Michael!

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 9

art, curating, recent work

Day 9: the energy flow of yesterday has turned to ebb; but a reflection, an echo still lingers. I want to cherish those insights, suggestions, the good will… carefully beginning to handle the material once more – but it takes another direction with this new day’s visitors; generating thoughts on yardsticks and astral travels; Byzantium and the (lacking) illusion of depth in images; religious hatred, norm shifts and the beginning of life. No Ariadne’s thread to follow, perhaps, but still ‘to be continued’…

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 8

art, curating, recent work, time-out

A day with no major changes; unknown visitors offering personal comments; a quiet, candid day. And then, an evening when everything is turned around – a new space, suddenly. Followed by a peer-to-peer feedback session; a wealth of experience and perspectives. Thank you, Agnieszka and Auli, Esmé and Andrea – from the core of my heart, thank you! I’m at a loss for words.

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 7

art, curating, recent work, time-out

Day 7: Reset, start anew… I cannot move the large canvases on my own, so they’ll have to stay set for the time being. Everything else goes back into the storage space – only the armchair and the folding chairs remain. They aren’t my artworks; they are my coworkers. The pea-green chairs are a low-budget remake of “the Situation” – a project highlighting loneliness, by Karin Lindström Kolterud. Karin herself shows up, and gives some valuable suggestions on how to choreograph the bulk of chairs in relation to the paintings.
At 3pm, a visitor arrives from Cambridge – via zoom – and takes a tour through the whole set-up in my cellphone.

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