the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 22

art, curating, recent work, time-out

There’s no way this day could be summarized in a few sentences. Moments shared; fully lived, not recorded. A lengthy, intimate dialogue; an almost wordless collaboration; follow-up surprises around the corner; a shared meal; an open, gracious exchange on faith and art from pagan, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and non-confessional perspectives. What could I say, other than: Thank You – Innar, Em…

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…Per, Maria, Marcus, Vladan, Omol, Nina, Minas, Elisabeth and Bengt!

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 21

art, curating, recent work, time-out

This is the beginning of the last week of the Exhibition – but, hopefully, Life will go on… This adventure will continue to produce meaning(s) throughout the rest of my artist life, I guess. Two of today’s guests represent the Archive for Temporary Art – an innovative, fun, clever artist/curator collective. A third visitor drops in; different preferences come forth, and negotiations start. The result? A tale of spiritual materiality, a perfect perishability. Thank you, Lisa and Carolina – thank you, unknown guest!

copyright Lisa Fält

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 20

art, curating, recent work, time-out

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Day 20: this quiet Sunday afternoon allows me to add a new object – the silk kite that traveled to Japan, and back, last year. Then nothing noteworthy, until Johanna enters – thirty minutes before closing time – bringing fresh air and a fast-paced, playful flow that leaves the space refreshed and smiling, almost singing.

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 19

art, curating, recent work, time-out

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A chilly, rainy day. A neighbour cleans his windows across the street. Yesterday, guests helpfully removed some of the large canvasses (but stopped short at the last two). Today, I continue opening up the space – although I’d need more help to empty another wall. Meanwhile, I place some smaller works at the entrance, so as to welcome the gallery-goers of the weekend. A few of them venture a quick look inside my place.

220528 22b

Finally, a guy from the Netherlands proves happy to play along with my works, in a most gracious way; chosing three paintings, arranging them carefully and then presenting me an interpretation where they mirror spiritual evolvement from chaos to fulfillment and peace. Yesterday’s theme, today’s gift…

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 18

art, curating, recent work, time-out

A day of sharing – sorrow, hope, joy and wonder. Being creative sometimes brings about a certain frailness. Being creative together enhances awareness, opening up for sensibility… Meeting former students and artist colleagues reassure me that art is real; essential knowledge, sincere communication.

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 17

art, curating, recent work, time-out

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“This is not a gallery”.
Visitors who usually don’t go to art spaces seem to welcome the idea of a display that potentially changes with each new guest. Visiting artist colleagues and art students embrace the concept, too. Oddly enough, those who “know” art – the connoisseurs – generally have been the least interested, sometimes openly dismissive. I try to address the issue by a hand-written note at the entrance. At last, I’m also giving credit to all those who contribute by their additions and interventions.

Today’s visitors are of the open-minded kind; an international artist / curator gives encouraging feedback. A couple living nearby peep in, stay a while, and compliment my work in the most wonderful way – dubbing it “kind of industrial”. I’m delighted.

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the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 16

art, curating, recent work, time-out

This day turns out to be a talkative one. The first guests enter as soon as I open the door. Thoughtful observation generates reflections on normality, perfection, body grounded voice… and the unforeseeable response, that sometimes expands the horizon. Other visitors arrive and leave again,

keeping their experience private. Finally, somebody with keen eyes and careful hands makes a small adjustment with great impact. Thank you, Alexander and Marcus, Emma and everyone who ventured inside!

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 15

art, curating, recent work, time-out

220524 03b
Day 15: the gravitational field of yesterday shifts, as Thea gives me a hand… A sky underfoot, a spaceship flying low… Close encounters.

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Later, a dancer’s understanding takes place in front of the green canvas; a slow attentive movement, hands waving, weaving, softly. Even later: shared musings on words and listening with Erik. A day of quiet wonders.


the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 14

art, curating, recent work, time-out

The day begins with a sushi lunch, followed by a major remake. First, the Vitruvian figure takes over the void on the back wall – creating a coherent, almost hermetic sequence; completely altering the ambiance. Suddenly, all things are on the move: chairs, tape drawings, post-it notes… and circles are floating over the longer wall. Thank you, Lisa and Jonas, for an encouraging intervention! The coming visitors will encounter a very different mood…

the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) / day 13

art, curating, recent work

Day 13: just like the other weekend, something has come to a close. The theme is still there, like a lingering note, but only the occasional gallery-goer pops in. Not that it doesn’t count; on the contrary, it’s most rewarding to meet somebody from outside one’s own circles.

A special thanks to Sigrid and her father – for good company, a beautiful flower arrangement, and for the drawings you shared!

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