the new black IV

art, teaching

‘The Battlefield’ by Käthe Kollwitz

From Tuesday to Friday, the students have been into an intense working process, grasping the complexity of the theme. The starting point was from a few pictures by Käthe Kollwitz – like The Battlefield – and the question: how could the dramaturgy be brought from the world of human emotions shown in Kollwitz’ works, into the quiet life of everyday things surrounding us?


To prepare for this, we have been looking together upon the elementaries in those pictures, such as: what happens when the surface is more high than broad? more broad than high? Where is the horizon to be found – and what is it, really? How does the choice of proportions and horizon work in the picture? How does it affect the viewer?

From the students’ own works we followed the theme of negative forms through a series of transformations.

On Friday, after three days’ work, we had a material to put on display in the foyer of the Kristofferus church by Saltå, Järna, together with works from Sigrid Winkler. I’ll return to that…


students’ drawings

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