colour exercises

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This morning saw the first sun ray since autumn in our kitchen. Snow in the afternoon.

bild056.jpg bild013.jpg bild020.jpg bild062.jpg

In between, from last week’s experience, some basic colour exercises; wax crayons, white paper. These wax crayons come in six primary colours; two yellow, two reds, two blue. In each pair, there is a difference in temperature and brightness, as well as in colour; of the two yellow ones, for instance, one tends towards green and the other towards orange; and so, secondary colours can be obtained in various shades of luminance. Their ‘bodyness’ belongs to the wax rather than to the pigments.


Go from the white sheet through bright red, blue and yellow to darkness. Then back to brilliance again, now with a depth.

bild069.jpg bild071.jpg bild068.jpg bild037.jpg

Go deeper.

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