fabric and felt I

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piece of cloth

During the last three weeks, the students at the Steiner-seminar have been working with art history – more exactly, Hellene antiquity. Now the greater part of the group are leaving for a two weeks’ journey to Greece: to visit some of the places and to sense there what remains from the period… However, one third of the group will stay home, and so we will try to explore what immaterial traces of ancient Greece could be found, here-and-now, in our own minds.

A beginning might be to consider not only the greatness of Hellas, but also what was on the move beyond its borders… an attempt to define by the negative. Remember that one thing the Greek brought us is the concept of the ‘barbarian’.

The art of weaving is said to be under the patronage of Zeus; warp and weft – the vertical and horizontal complementarities – visualizing the universal harmony of male and female (and therefore, a piece of cloth should never be cut).

The barbarian East, on the other hand, not only constituted the back countries of early Greek colonies – the mythic home of amazons, among others. It was also where the art of felting was developed.

Fabric and felt, civilization and barbarism; let’s see where this could take us.

piece of felt

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