fabric and felt III

art, recent work, teaching

in a low place/from a high place

One hidden, nameless space sheltered by rocks and trees, with graceful patterns of shades and light flickering over the ground all covered with spring flowers; a sweet secret.

And the other site much like its contrary – the very highest spot on this ground, and the oldest too: the first to rise out of the sea thousands of years ago. Climbing up there, one is exposed to winds and sun, and the landscape below in its turn exposed to one’s view. A place of clarity.

Now, from sounds to things: the qualities to be sensed in these two different places are what we have to work with. Each student has set up her/his own task and chosen the materials to be used – techniques ranging from watercolour and acrylic painting to felting. Some of the pieces are to be installed in situ, others are studio work.

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