orchestra rehearsal II

art, recent work

konserthuset-081107-3 konserthuset-081107-2

konserthuset-081107-4 konserthuset-081107-6

four drawings from an orchestra rehearsal; graphite pencil on paper, c. 21 x 15 cms

Yes, this is very different from drawing (for instance) dancers. While moving art performers interprete a temporal impulse into spatial, thus visible, reality, the orchestra’s performance establishes more of a polarity; the aim of the effort stays the audible field, and yet there is a great deal of ‘bodyness’: gleams of varnish on the violins; the instrumentalist’s physical concentration and coordination of movements in playing; the almost architectural issue of supporting and supported parts when the cello player brings her instrument in a ready-to-start position. And the conductor’s oral instructions helping to bridge the gap… like “trust the fact of getting there softly”… I’ll keep that one.

2 thoughts on “orchestra rehearsal II

    1. Thank you! It’s really heartening to know that somebody’s seen and approved one’s work. Had to check out your website too, of course, and it seems you’ve got a lot of good things moving. Best of luck to you!

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