peace and war

art, recent work

090101-1-fellini 090101-2-fellini

Fellini; graphite pencil on paper, 21 x 15 cms

Went to visit our daughter, working in a dressage stable, over New Year’s Eve. Short hours of daylight followed by cold, clear nights with Venus and the crescent moon over dark meadows. Those noble horses.

And then, bombs over Gaza.

Returning home, 16 degrees below zero, freezing cold in the studio.  And for the people locked up in Gaza: still more bombs, missiles, shooting.

One world.

One thought on “peace and war

  1. Hello Helen, I just discovered your blog on Alpha Inventions. What beautiful drawings and water colours you have here!

    I am also following the news on Gaza everyday and find that there is so much misinformation, the whole story is never told. Thankfully there are some good websites out there and both Palestinians and Israelis who are brave enough to give us better information on the awful conflict and its causes.

    May there be peace.

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