Quality and Research II

art, recent work, teaching

Bubble foil covering the windows, and a stout electrical heater in the atelier; temperature is climbing slowly. But I still can’t get any connection between camera and computer.

‘Qualitative Research’ may be described as research which is not primarily dealing with quantitative data (such as can be measured and treated stathistically), nor aiming at ‘generalizability’ or ‘objective truth’; it is rather interested in ‘perceived’,  ‘constructed’, or ‘created’ truth – though not necessarily denying the value of  the ‘objective’ or of quantitative methods.

It may be claimed that art in itself is pure qualitative research.

However, in the context of this course (see previous post) with visiting professor Liora Bresler from the University of Illinois, qualitative research is understood through the theory and practise of academic tradition. There seems to be some confusion about the concept Aesthetic-based; whether it refers to the setting – the site or object of observation – or rather if it points to a mode of perception to be cultivated by the partakers.

I believe this initial – opening – confusion is good.

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