Pina Bausch 1940 – 2009

art, beauty, time-out

In Venice, a truly magnificent thunderstorm passed by during the night between Friday and Saturday; sounding like canonades, turning electricity off, and – lights out – pouring rain over the city for hours.

Saturday night – June 27th – at the dance biennale, the Compagnia dell’Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma performed a show at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale.
The first piece was announced beforehand as an homage by Pina Bausch to the company: a short solo, elaborated from Bausch’s choreography Nefes (‘Breath’), by Cristiana Morganti of Wupperthal Tanztheater;

sudden spotlights on; and a red-dressed woman dancing like a flame of joy, all alone in the large scene space, never a moment of hesitation or doubt until, too soon, conclusion; dance ending as abruptly as its beginning.

After a short pause, the second piece, Da ora in poi by Jacopo Godani;

the whole company on stage, men and women alike all dressed in dark, and again this softness and staccato, blending into hermaphroditic beauty; Hermes and Aphrodite; flow; transmission of movement taking priority over manifestation of individualities; and, at a certain moment, all sitting low on scene floor; some movement upwards, spotlights flashlighting the high-up ceiling and a hundred fingertips tapping like raindrops, then dark again; last night’s thunder and rain recreated within the Arsenale building; soon transforming to a movement like walking underwater; then transforming again…

On Thursday, June 25th, German choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch was diagnosed with cancer. On Tuesday, June 30th, she passed away.

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