growing darkness

art, recent work

workshop2-096 nära workshop2-108 nära workshop2-255

All these photos are by Reino Koivula. Thanks a lot, Reiska!

Growing darkness in the yard of Åbo/Turku municipal library; “Pimeyden kodat” (“Cots of darkness”) exhibition can be seen during the library’s opening hours until August 31st.

On returning from Finland, I spent two weeks in the Land of Mir (temporarily located outside the exotic city of Södertälje) together with old and new friends. No photos, but for documentation from last year, see  Archives/July 2008.
And right now, I’m writing up the course in aesthetic-based qualitative research.

Daylight is shortening by minutes, a larger bell of darkness awaiting.

workshop2-256 workshop2-263 - nära

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