Market/Supermarket 2010


Three days of art party at Kulturhuset, in the very heart of Stockholm; artist-run Supermarket Art Fair.
During the same three days, commercial prestige galleries have had their own fair, Market, at the Royal Academy of Art.
Visiting the two fairs, one can easily sense the difference. “We all want to have our art on Market, but we want to hang around at Supermarket“, one artist said; meaning – I guess – that all artists want to make big money and at the same time have a lot of fun, although there seems to be a choice between the two.
Who’s choice, then?

Maybe it’s not primarily about money and/or fun.
To me, the difference was rather the one between art represented as an individual expression and art happening as a social or communicative event.

If so, there is a complementarity, not a choice.

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