NUrope X:II

art, recent work, teaching, time-out

sketchbook pages; graphite pencil on paper, ca 30 x 20 cms each

As the “China goes Europe” oasis proceeds, a number of European artists, curators, academics and business people share their views on China. Nomad and artist Stella Fajerson adequately asks for the complementary perspective, but the Chinese persons involved are mainly invited to give their view on how Europeans could understand the Chinese mind – not their own European experiences.

Looking back, this appears as a want. Maybe this oasis serves just to prepare a common ground. Maybe it takes another one to actually address the theme.

The most significant experience to me was a short exchange on the subject of modesty and self-confidence.

modesty – self-confidence

NUrope X:I

art, recent work, teaching

During the presentations, I sit with my sketchbook open; making some quick drawings of people’s postures, hands, moves… as habitual. Afterwards, somebody approaches me and by gestures asks for the book. I lend it to him, and he turns the page to draw my portrait on it.

Next day, the programme goes on with a couple of lectures on the post-colonial theme. While opening the sketchbook, I hear the speaker say “How can we describe the other?”
Well, that question alone doesn’t seem functional any more; it was necessary, yes, and now it’s time to move on.

master narrative


art, recent work, time-out

from Graz

From teaching and workshops in the city of Södertälje in mid-March, to Graz where the tenth oasis of NUrope took place. Back in Sweden just in time for spring’s arrival by Easter, then another short visit to Åbo/Turku.

NUrope X was dedicated to the theme of China goes Europe; lectures, workshops, encounters, walking and talking… and this is some of what I saw in the city of Graz.

The recent weeks, or months, have brought on a marked change, as a larger portion of my working time becomes tuned in the communicative field. Surprisingly (or not), this adds importance to the hours spent in the atelier.