Return to Darkness XIV

art, recent work

polyester works: Terrastella wall sheets and mould constructions for roof parts;
all photos by Reino Koivula

So, yesterday we turned the thermostat up to 18°C and finally started the GRP (glassfibre reinforced polyester) moulding. Carefully following the instructions of our tutor Matti Suominen, I laid out the sheets on flat plywood surfaces – three times waxed – then left them to cure for 24 hours. Today, the GRP sheets could be removed to fit into the iron frames.
The result is far above expectations; the material diffuses light much like Japan paper, and has a slight but distinct tint of its own. I find it beautiful – it will turn our cots into large lanterns.

Reiska’s clear polyester moulding; photo by Reino Koivula

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