Return to darkness XVI

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Catch-up: during the last two weeks, Reiska and I have been working literally day and night – over-budget and over-time schedule – forsaking cooked meals more often than not, and sleeping a few hours (or minutes) when possible. Still, I could rest in the working process itself – largely thanks to the help and support offered by Matti and Erkki, the gentlemen of Terpol glassfibre company. Joining me in work, unfailingly doing the right thing at the right time, they embody the understanding of art as primary production and science of freedom*.
Everybody is an artist, and some very much so; my greatest reverence to you, gentlemen.

Reiska found some time to take pictures, despite his own hard work with the Honeycot. Here they are.

Darkness workshop at Barker, October 17th – 24th; all photos by Reino Koivula

*”So, first of all, we have art as the science of freedom, and as a consequence of this, we also have art as the primary production or as the original, underlying production for anything else. (…) I have to prepare myself throughout my life, conducting myself in such a way that no single moment is not given over to that preparation. (…) I must always have the presence of mind, the overview, the wider perspective, to perceive the overall context and set of forces.” (artist Joseph Beuys in dialogue with priest Volker Harlan; “What is Art?”, Clairview Books 2004)

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