Return to Darkness XX

art, recent work


January 20th: taking down the terrastella; all photos HHW.

Last Saturday, Åbo/Turku’s Cultural Capital year was officially opened. In stark cold – minus 22°C – under a starry sky, more than 50 000 people gathered to walk all along ice-covered Aura river by the sound of churchbells ringing from the cathedral and boatwhistles answering. A crowd of people, brought together not by any ‘pro’ or ‘contra’ identification, just relaxed and friendly; the fireworks were just the MacGuffin needed to bring about this.

The terrastella, having done its service since November 1st, is now going to rest until next autumn. Thursday morning by dawn, Sören arrived with car and trailer from Sweden. By nightfall, we had it all taken down and stowed away.

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