Voice of Colour – Colours of the Voice

art, beauty, recent work

light falling through painted silk screens; photo by HHW.

And today is the grand opening day for see!colour! – a multiple exhibition in Järna with works by James Turrell, Hilma af Klint and Rudolf Steiner, along with colour experiments in the spirit of Goethe – all surrounded by Ytterjärna garden park by the Baltic Sea.

The four parallell exhibitions and the living light and spaces of the garden offer a range of experiences. I am very happy to be a part of this event; together with singer Sinikka Mikkola, I will stage two workshops where listening is the artistic core – Voice of Colour /Colours of the Voice; one at Midsummer, June 23 – 26, and one by the end of September.

Sinikka is a long-time experienced Werbeck singer and pedagogue. As for myself, I have carried out artistic works in different social settings since the mid ’90s – since 2007 documented on this website. Both of us aim to practise a listening mode in our professional fields, something we wish to develop further by this joint workshop.
In the mornings, we will practise to uncover the fullness of voice, individually and as a group. In the afternoons, we will explore the life of colours perceived through the personal temperaments, painting outdoors on large silk screens in the garden. For the evenings, there will be time for reflections and the deepening of artistic themes as well as for improvisational vocal music.

Interested to join?
Leave a comment below, and we’ll contact you for further information. Welcome!

calling Apollo; installation in Ytterjärna garden park 2008; HHW.

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