Voice of Colour – Colours of the Voice III

art, recent work

Another three days passed. Each morning, the workshop started out by a quiet walk through the garden, followed by individual work on some chosen spots. Small sketches on paper transform into large collective paintings on silk screens, some placed outdoors and some in the music room.
The see!colour! exhibitions provides us with an excellent pedagogical instrument; within a few steps’ reach, we could meet the distinctive approaches of Hilma af Klint’s esoteric painting as well as the blackboard drawings of Rudolf Steiner.
On midsummer night’s eve, we spent a full two hours sitting or lying down in James Turrell’s Skyspace; experiencing a kind of illusionistic light-space where an opening above us turned into a floating coloured body, and the blue of the sky changed in turns into yellow, green or grey.
Thanks to Eva-Karin Planman, we could also bathe ourselves – morning and afternoon – in the living light of two stained glass windows at the nearby Vidar clinic; one green from iron, the other rose-purple from pure gold.

all photos by HHW.

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