@ ArtLab Gnesta II

art, beauty, recent work

installation at ArtLab Gnesta, Aug/Sept 2011; photos HHW.

The installation space in itself is interesting: a very narrow staircase leading from the main entrance up to a tiny lounge corner. Wrought iron balustrades enclose the floorspace on two sides, leaving open some five or six metres of height on the other side and giving the feeling of an indoor balcony. From up here, one can watch people go by downstairs and look down upon the ground floor exhibition space.
A calm space; secluded, yet connected.

I decide to leave the balcony’s walls empty, just placing a round, black piece of felt on the floor. Upon the black mat: an armchair. It’s an old one, made to support sitting in an upright position. It couldn’t really be called an easy chair… it seems designed for wakeful rest.
On the walls facing the balcony, I add some items: a charcoal drawing and some written paragraphs on the wall surface; a model study from long ago; a more recent motif treated in two tempera paintings; a plummet; two (self)portraits – one by me, one by a friend; and some mirrors. I make sure that one of the mirrors reflect what’s going on upstairs for those who have to stay below – since there is zero accessibility for those who cannot climb the stairs. Finally, for those who will look for an interpretation key, I leave some reading beside the armchair.

This is it.
Feel invited to sit down for a while, next to art.

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