@ ArtLab Gnesta III

art, recent work

at ArtLab entrance; all photos HHW.

If the installation at Åmells deals with art as craftsmanship and merchandise, this one touches on art reflecting images of wo/man; comprising – among other things – a nude model study, a contour drawing on the wall, two paintings from the Casilda series and two (auto)portraits; one by myself, one by a friend with autism. There is also a plummet, and mirrors mounted to meet the eye from various angles.

For Swedish readers, the “Theories, Methods and Practises” text is available – as a part of the installation, and here:

“Ja, vad är målandets objekt..?”

ArtLab staircase with inscription (HHW); photo by Lars Berg

ArtLab staircase and 2nd floor lounge + model study; all photos HHW.

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