NUrope XIII, Kyiv and Lviv (III)

art, recent work, time-out

“We staged a situation where students met with a number of different teachers… our hidden agenda was to break the bonds between one single professor and his disciples”
“Ukraine is archaeo-modern; it cannot be post-modern, because it never had modernity.”
“If there exists corporate sponsorship for art? You must understand – in Ukraine, we’re not talking about companies, we’re talking about names.”
“There isn’t corruption within the system. Corruption is the system.”

… a few fragments of our Kyiv talks, some free-floating words from people involved in art and culture.
Nevertheless, and given the difficulties these words may imply, the achievements presented to us are striking; the experimental theatre play, the short films, the bilingual (Ukrainian/Russian) magazine… We have been touched, laughing, stunned and impressed more times than I could tell these days, and above all: although we are strangers in this country, we have felt at home.

“Kyiv is not a city, it is a magic place.”

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