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Life sometimes makes sudden turns. During the last month, I have experienced such a turn; an unexpected opening into a new landscape.

Joining the executive board of ART LAB gnesta has brought about an abundance of new tasks. In the calendar, it becomes visible as a number of meetings. In reality, it means a series of encounters – always interesting, and often strongly positive – with new partners and associates; artist colleagues, curators and people belonging to the art world, yes… but equally important: the local politicians, officeholders, administrators, managers, teachers and professionals in many fields.
ART LAB gnesta emphatically places itself in a physical and social environment, with the aim to maintain artistic awareness and focus alike, in a condition of interdependence.

From the Grand Opening of ART LAB gnesta; photos by Nils Völker

Now, this comes in addition to my coordinating commission in the Nomadic University.
Concretely, it has delayed the processing of NUrope XIII, which I can only regret. More important, perhaps: it has positively altered the prerequisites. During the past weeks, I keep coming back to a ‘from sounds to things’ feeling.
The Nomadic University is a unique fusing of a professional network and a learning process, investigating contemporary European identity-making.
ART LAB gnesta is a setting where the experiences and insights gained in this process will work sense.

For the NUrope XIII oasis in Kiev and Lviv, I will come back with some more documentations and reflections. To follow ART LAB gnesta, just visit us on Facebook:


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