after Turner

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HHW. after Turner, “Shade and Darkness — the Evening of the Deluge”; graphite pencil on paper

The complexity of  JMW Turner’s work is stunning and miraculous. Yesterday, I spent some hours with a couple of them, pencil in hand.
It was the next-to-last day of the Turner/Monet/Twombly exhibition at Moderna Museet (Stockholm); queuing started before opening, and hundreds of people filled the exhibition space. Yet the atmosphere was relaxed, friendly – the museum guards attentive in a quiet, kind way; the public taking turns in looking closer or from a distance at the paintings, giving each other time and talking softly under their voices; and the murmur had a warm tint to it. Several times, I heard dialogue develop between strangers, and also got involved myself.

This is just how it should be. Turner’s painting doesn’t give itself away instantly. There is always more to see. Composition is often powerful, compelling, and works at first sight. Then, if you stay with the images, they deepen and evolve on different levels; figuratively, choreographically, materially, spiritually.

HHW. after Turner, ” ‘Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – the Morning after the Deluge – Moses Writing the Book of Genesis'”; graphite pencil on paper

Green Year 2012. It’s now.

art, recent work

flow #1; photo by HHW.

ART LAB gnesta’s first thematical year has begun. Our Green Year 2012 will bring about a plenty of changes, meetings and events – all focused on the healing of humankind’s relationship with our home planet. Here’s just a few:

January: Mongolian sculptor Ganbat Logiiraz moves in to live and work within the Brewery.
February: ART LAB gnesta will participate at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm.
March: ART LAB gnesta’s pedagogical program (powered by Skapande Skola) launches three projects for schoolchildren; the Island Project, the Catwalk and Imagine Farm – all of them fusing sustainable thinking with creativity.
April: Ganbat moves out of the exhibition space, but his dwelling – a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) – stays with ART LAB gnesta to provide a living space for future Artists in Residence.
May: yurt will be raised on the shore of Lake Frösjön as first Artist in Residence arrives.
June: Art and Agricultural Collective Kultivator will return, bringing their exhibition Imagine Farm (based on the pedagogical project).
July: floating islands from the Island Project will enhance conditions for aquatic flora and fauna in Lake Frösjön. Collaboration with international BERAS* implementation project aims at adapting the Diet for a Clean Baltic to local situation.
August: open air exhibition Art in the Green Box will be staged by Niklas Zander and Gnesta Konsthall (powered by ART LAB gnesta).
September: time to recollect and look forward – Harvest Festival and LAB Conference 2012.
October: the Brewery’s main exhibition space will host the Tree, exhibition by Swedish artist Gustav Broms.
November: ART LAB gnesta hopes to set forth a Green Culture Map in cooperation with the municipality along with local producers, enterprises, institutions and individuals.
December: ART LAB gnesta’s research program Green Materials is expected to present its first results.

Through the whole year, we will develop our facilities as a production platform and a stage for talks, performances and publications.
Welcome to visit. Welcome to follow us:

* Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society