Green Year 2012. It’s now.

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flow #1; photo by HHW.

ART LAB gnesta’s first thematical year has begun. Our Green Year 2012 will bring about a plenty of changes, meetings and events – all focused on the healing of humankind’s relationship with our home planet. Here’s just a few:

January: Mongolian sculptor Ganbat Logiiraz moves in to live and work within the Brewery.
February: ART LAB gnesta will participate at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm.
March: ART LAB gnesta’s pedagogical program (powered by Skapande Skola) launches three projects for schoolchildren; the Island Project, the Catwalk and Imagine Farm – all of them fusing sustainable thinking with creativity.
April: Ganbat moves out of the exhibition space, but his dwelling – a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) – stays with ART LAB gnesta to provide a living space for future Artists in Residence.
May: yurt will be raised on the shore of Lake Frösjön as first Artist in Residence arrives.
June: Art and Agricultural Collective Kultivator will return, bringing their exhibition Imagine Farm (based on the pedagogical project).
July: floating islands from the Island Project will enhance conditions for aquatic flora and fauna in Lake Frösjön. Collaboration with international BERAS* implementation project aims at adapting the Diet for a Clean Baltic to local situation.
August: open air exhibition Art in the Green Box will be staged by Niklas Zander and Gnesta Konsthall (powered by ART LAB gnesta).
September: time to recollect and look forward – Harvest Festival and LAB Conference 2012.
October: the Brewery’s main exhibition space will host the Tree, exhibition by Swedish artist Gustav Broms.
November: ART LAB gnesta hopes to set forth a Green Culture Map in cooperation with the municipality along with local producers, enterprises, institutions and individuals.
December: ART LAB gnesta’s research program Green Materials is expected to present its first results.

Through the whole year, we will develop our facilities as a production platform and a stage for talks, performances and publications.
Welcome to visit. Welcome to follow us:

* Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society