2012 meet the artist@Åmells Möbler II

art, recent work

Santa Casilda reproduction at Art Lab Gnesta;
risograph print mounted on felt, pigments, monoprint on paper

and pencil drawing on wall; photo by HHW.

Meet the Artist admins at Art Lab Gnesta;
photo by Signe Johannessen

The annual Meet the Artist event is powered by the municipality of Gnesta, with some help of volunteers. The exhibition space at Art Lab Gnesta is the hub where participating artists and artisans can present themselves by one work each, and open studios all over the neighbourhood attract hundreds of visitors over the weekend.
At Åmells Möbler, I share the space with photographers Bengt Björkbom and Pekka Virolainen and therapist artist Lars Berg. People come and go all day; some stay long, some are mainly interested in sofas and dining tables, some are friends and family, some are happy to recognize well-known features, some have precise technical or hermeneutical questions… For the artist, this is also a See the Viewer event, providing feedback on multiple levels.

2012 Meet the Artist event at Åmells Möbler;
photo by Lars Berg (thank you, Lars!)

Santa Casilda reproduction; photo by HHW.

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