Hej Tokyo!

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121119 03b
121119 02b 121119 01b
121119 04b  121119 08b
121119 05b 121119 06b 121119 07b
Tokyo urban nature; all photos by HHW.

121121 12b 121121 03b
121121 05b 121121 06b 121121 02b
121121 07b 121121 08b
121121 09b
121121 11b 121121 10b
Zenpukuji Park, hosting a community art project with (among others) artists Shoko Miki and Motoko Hoshi;
all photos by HHW.

After some days off in Hakone, Cecilia and I return to the group… to set up another exhibition in another city. The Swedish Embassy in Tokyo has opened their reception hall to host our party for a couple of weeks. Although the hall is large, it cannot compete with the Red Brick Warehouse; so, for want of space, only the Swedish artists are invited to participate this time. Oddly enough, this makes the exhibited artworks appear more disparate, and the exhibition as such is (in my view) a weaker statement compared to the Yokohama version.

Still, the hanging is – as always – an intriguing challenge. How does the imaginary space of a painted surface interact with the surrounding reality of all senses?
How can the spatial arrangement of physical objects result in a resonance of light, proportions and rhythm?

Our Japanese colleagues – whom we now think of not only as professionals, but as true friends – are incredibly supportive; most of them spend the whole day working for our benefit. The embassy staff are welcoming and helpful, too, and the positive atmosphere stays as the opening night turns into a hello-and-goodbye party. The ambassador’s speech is followed by a statement from EAJAS’ spokesperson Toshiko Watanabe, a powerful primus motor in the realization of this event.

121121 13b 121121 14b 121121 15b
121121 16b

Contemporary Art from Sweden at the Swedish Embassy, Tokyo; all photos HHW.

121121 18b
Good-bye, friends!

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