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140312 värmepump i ateljén

Woodpanels drying in front of the heat pump

Long time since I published the last posts, but that doesn’t mean work is off. Blogging about my work is a kind of reflection, and since August 2013 I’m doing a lot more of that – reflecting – although in another context; currently, I’m in a two-year programme at the Center for Studies in Practical Knowledge at Södertörn University (Stockholm), which means a lot of reading, writing and discussing. Another part of my time is spent at Art Lab Gnesta.

But then, there’s the studio. It’s always there… Spring light is outside. Inside, it’s warm. Inside, things are waiting.

140312 dockor i ateljén  140312 köksbänken i ateljén
140312 lod i ateljén140312 klänning i ateljén
140312 målningar i ateljén 140312 trasor i ateljén
shades & matter

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