…on to Stockholm…

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KCK workshop 01

During the fall of 2013, I was heavily engaged in the Green Lab project at Art Lab Gnesta; a project focusing on the environmental impact of contemporary art.  The project resulted in a publication – edited by artist Ulrika Jansson – and a half-day seminar, hosted by Art Lab Gnesta together with the Culture and Recreation department of the City of Stockholm. Now, rings are spreading on the water: on Thursday, I was invited by the Swedish Artists’ Organisation (KRO) and Konstnärernas Centralköp – a cooperative artists’ materials store – to hold a workshop in Stockholm together with Ulrika. Some thirty professionals showed up, and first we all got some hard facts about art production and water pollution, from an environmental engineer’s point of view. Then Ulrika gave a lecture on contemporary art dealing with environmental issues, highlighting artists such as Marjetica Potrč, Chris Jordan, Eva Bakkeslett, Andrea Hvistendahl, Paula von Seth and Erik Sjödin. For the coffee break, the party divided in groups to share experience and ideas around chosen themes. It’s so simple; and it works. I so enjoy the bubbly sound of  animated dialogue… and the final round up session brought about a handful of significant ‘next steps’ to be implemented in collective studios, in artists’ associations and various professional undertakings.
What an optimistic evening!

KCK workshop 02 KCK workshop 04

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