To be narrated

art, recent work

observatorium“Observatory” by PS (photo HHW.)

The recent two weeks, I’ve spent together with old and new friends doing another Arts-and-crafts Creative Summer Camp; or maybe rather, another Common Creative Chaos/Cosmos Narrative Camp. The form has developed over the years; maybe it’s about time to name the technique, so let’s call it ‘integrative narration’ for a try…

Being the leader, I put forth the beginning of a story. The participants then respond by their own stories, artefacts and finds, their images and suggestions. The evolvement of things from day to day – also real-time concerns, conflicts and break-throughs – find their way into the story, mirroring ourselves as we are; with our strengths and challenges, our sense of beauty and humour, our sorrows and fears, fooleries, pride, wonder, wisdom and empathy. Finally, it ends up with a feast (of course).

kosmos“Cosmos” by TI (photo HHW.)

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