“Training the Fundamentals of a Democratic Society” I

art, recent work

Today, I’m proud to announce my invitation from curator Yulia Oleksandriv (Perfect Art Institution, Stockholm/Kyiv) to be part of the project Training the Fundamentals of a Democratic Society. Youth leaders and human rights activists from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands are gathering for a three-days’ workshop in Sweden, initiated by NGO Active Ukrainians in Europe and kindly supported by the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy and the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.

My contribution will be to conduct a process where individual memories, associations and reflections are transferred and shared across linguistic and geographical borders. Ukrainian poet Tanya-Maria Litvinyuk will provide us a point of departure, and on August 28th we’ll arrive at Stockholm International Library to stage a multilingual performance. The travel in-between will take place in the unseen space of creative thought.

Tomorrow, we’ll be off!


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