Sketchwork in the Painting studio

art, recent work

150125 01b
Sketching on white wall; plummet, graphite, charcoal, metal plates.
(17 photos, © HHW.)

I really like it at the graphic department. People are kind, and work hard. Workshop teachers are skilled, clever and generous. There’s one thing I miss, though: a wall. Fortunately, the Royal Institute of Art also provides us with a painting studio – huge walls, large windows – which can be booked for a shorter or longer period. I’m lucky enough to get access almost instantly, and spend a weekend transferring small-scale sketches into full-size ones.
First day, I arrive in the afternoon to unload: sketchbook, metal plates, tools. I notice the wall needs some white paint, I’ll have to bring it tomorrow. Dusk falls.

150123 02b

Next day: make space, whitewash the wall, hang the plummet, draw the outlines. Draw the circle, the grid.
A full day’s work.

150125 01b


150124 01b 150124 02b 150124 05b
150124 12b 150125 07b
150124 09b

Third day: add the plates. Arrange them according to previous sketches. Move them around until it’s truthful. Then stop.

150124 11b 150124 13b
150125 02b 150125 03b

150125 04b 150125 05b
150125 06b

150125 08b

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