3 + 2 Diary Paintings

art, recent work

tre dagboksmålningar 2b

Three diary paintings, 2015

In mid-August, these paintings made a brief excursion to the Art Garden – a one-day event in my neighbouring village, Järna. I have no recordings from the occasion (because I was completely immersed in the flow of it) but please imagine the light and warmth of a summer evening, people moving around or sitting down to chat or to enjoy quietly, the subtle soundspace of a Spanish-Mexican classical guitar concert unfolding to embrace the paintings on display, plenty of finest home-cooked food, improvised theatre and a bronze casting performed in the garden… which, in itself, is a living artwork.

två dagboksmålningar 2015bTwo diary paintings, 2015

3 thoughts on “3 + 2 Diary Paintings

    1. Thank you, Moses! And keep up the good work yourself… by art, the world will become a better place for sure.

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