Imago Mundi II

art, recent work, time-out

150831 17 150831 28b
150831 14b
150831 15b
150831 32b

Lunch is served and finished at Fondazione Cini. Journalists, photographers, curators, artists… everyone disappears. It’s time to take a break, a walk, a nap, a shower – preparing for the evening’s opening party. I return to the exhibition venue, now quiet and abandoned, to listen to the artworks.

150831 30 150831 29
From Israel/One: “One”, by Raafat Hattab (as seen from frontside and backside).

150831 34b 150831 33b  150831 35b

From Syria Off Frames: “A Woman and Crow Under the Tree in Front of the Window”; a video by Nidal Hassan.
150831 31b
From Israel/One: “Minute Flower Arrangement”, Ella Amitay Sadovsky

150831 27b 150831 25b

From the Swedish collection: works by Ulrika Jansson, Makode Linde, Victor Marx, Ruben Wätte and Alvaro Campo (among others).

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