Art for Ukraine by Duo Contradiction

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Welcome to bid in this art auction for the benefit of Ukraine! You can partake digitally, by registering through Duo Contradiction website; or, if you happen to be in Stockholm by March 26th, by showing up at Birkaterminalen venue. There will be borsjtj and fascist-fighting spirit! No profit will be taken – the full income will go to humanitarian aid organizations in Ukraine (see below). More than 100 artists of many nationalities contribute; I feel grateful and honoured to be one of them.

Art for Ukraine beneficiary organizations (to be updated)
Shelter PLUS “[we] started a process of large-scale evacuation of disabled people. We are confident that Ukraine will win this war but while it is taking place it’s very often impossible for disabled on wheelchairs or with gross mental illnesses to go down to basements and bomb shelters. And the same refers to urgent evacuation, if some place is under mass shooting.”

191211 07b
191211 07;
leaf gold, leaf silver, oil and blackboard paint on wood panel,
44 x 22 x 2 cms (2019)

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