Upcoming: the Exhibition and Life (reconsidered)

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In late autumn 1986, I staged the Exhibition and Life in the gallery space of the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. Being a fifth year student at the Royal Institute of Art, I had a studio space in that same building; so, I brought my collected body of work – unsorted – onto the gallery floor. The exhibition took shape continuously until it closed. The title was suggested by my firstborn, then six-and-a-half years old.

Today, over three decades later, it’s time to reconsider.

The Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) reflects the initial process – using paintings, drawings and objects made during the last few decades as material. Again, the exhibition will be in constant change – as life itself. For a deepened experience, visitors and guests are invited to actively take part; by (re)curating and (re)arranging, by interventions and performances of your own, as well as in shared reflections and public talks.

Utställningen och Livet (en omprövning)

The Exhibition and Life (reconsidered) will open Tuesday May 10th, and close Sunday June 5th. Open every day 12-5pm; Tuesday evenings until 8pm.

Documentation and programme updates will be published here continuously.

220506 05c

the venue: Hälsingegatan 43, Stockholm

Hälsingegatan karta

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