Interplay at the ECP I

art, recent work

backstage at Artisten, Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg

At the NUrope oasis in Åbo/Turku, June 2009, I staged a two-part workshop named Image upon the wall.
In late September, I was asked to do it again at the ECP session in Gothenburg, December 11th to 13th – as a performance within the NUrope presentation.

The performance, being the visualization of an actual process involving a number of people, then had to be literally re-created; re-thinking the concept, re-calling cooperation partners, re-newing the framing and re-writing the text.

Last Thursday, I took a train to Gothenburg, bringing a box of white chalks, four black cotton bedsheets, five plummets and a text rendered in five languages, printed out in three copies each.

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