Interplay at the ECP II

art, recent work

    preparations; stretching the fabric, attaching plummets and placing the screens onstage

The venue for this session is Artisten, Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University.

I spend Thursday night and early Friday morning checking out material conditions; there are eight screens measuring 1,15 x 2,90 metres available – splendid! the black sheets will fit perfectly on them.
And the plummets will hang from plastic pipes nailed to the top edges. Anders, technician at Artisten, provides me with everything I need, and preparations run smoothly.
But then there’s the human factor. We will need some time to rehearse. And in fact, I do not know who will read the Italian, Finnish and Arabic versions yet. Or, if the Russian voice will arrive in time tomorrow.

As Tooticky points out, ‘everything is very insecure… which is exactly what soothens me’.

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